Frame Set: $2499 USD

The Team CCX represents our finest carbon cyclocross frame to date. Here in the Pacific Northwest we understand the subtle yet important nuances that constitute the perfect cross bike. The Team CCX has a 1.125 top to 1.5 bottom tapered head tube and fork – a design that eliminates fork chatter and provides front-end stiffness, allowing the bike to handle correctly under extreme braking in any type of weather condition. 

We use a standard BB with a twist: The oversized honeycomb shell wrapped in Kevlar is our proprietary BB66. Our unique design elements improve lateral stiffness, putting more power into your pedal stroke, but our BB66 doesn’t limit your bottom bracket choices like BB30, Press Fit 30 or Press Fit Shimano do – you can choose from an array of readily available external BBs and accompanying cranksets for your steed. Our experience has shown that external bottom brackets last longer than Press Fit and BB30 for the conditions prevalent in cyclocross. 

The Team CCX's fully integrated cable routing with Kevlar guides ensure top-shelf braking and shifting performance under any conditions Mother Nature has to offer. As with every generation of our cross bikes, the fork and rear triangle are designed with ample amounts of tire clearance, minimizing the amount of mud that clings to the frame and hampers forward progress. The Team CCX is light, stiff and responsive, constituting a high-end, professional-level cyclocross rig. In the 2011-2012 season, Aaron Tuckerman rode the Team CCX to the overall victory of the coveted Cross Crusade Series here in Oregon. Keep a lookout for these frames to start stomping through more cyclocross hotbeds in 2012-13.