We believe your bike ordering process is as unique as you are.  It should be focused on you every step of the way.  Something that we believe sets us apart from others is the importance of personal, professional service.  Everyone has a different riding style and different preferences.  That’s why we started Veloforma Direct and our Pro-Fit process.  We can help you select the right components in the right sizes to meet your riding needs.  In return, this can help you optimize your performance.  But we don’t stop there.  With Veloforma Direct and Pro-Fit, the process continues with a professional level build to ensure that the bike is assembled and test-ridden by a pro level mechanic before delivery.  The final step after you receive your bike, you meet with our professional fit network  fitter to dial in your ultimate dream bike.



Getting the perfect fit is what helps make you become one with your bike. A professional fit can unlock key performance factors and improve comfort on your bicycle. Pro-Fit helps make sure you and your machine are in sync.

With Veloforma Pro-Fit, you can either meet with one of our professional fitters, or you can speak with one of the Veloforma staff, to talk through your body measurements, riding style and current bike setup. With this consultation, we’ll help you decide which frame size is correct for you.  Then, we’ll recommend the proper stem length, handle bar width, crank length and seat post setback and help you select your saddle. 

It’s always in the details. Our goal is to provide you with a Pro Tour quality bicycle that gets a 30 point build protocol and assembly check by our professional mechanics.  And then re-checked and test ridden. This ensures every bolt has its precise torque setting.  Shifting and braking is dialed. Once the build is finished it is signed off and you receive a copy with your shipped bike.  Like we said – it’s all in the details.

Once your bicycle is delivered, you meet with your professional fitter who uses real time data to give you a precise fit.  Remember we are keeping the focus on you every step of the way.  Veloforma Direct is the only way to buy a bike, whether online or offline. You get a true studio quality fit that is tailored to you from the beginning to end. You get the benefit of professional personal attention, buying direct and a professional fit all in one price. Nothing is hidden.



We make no compromises.  We treat each bike as if it were ours. You deal directly with us so that we can give you an unsurpassed level of personal service from the moment you come to our website all the way to meeting with one of our professional fitters. We offer world class performance and style and a wrenching service second to none. We help you hand pick everything along the way so that you get a bicycle tailored to your needs.  In our minds, the only way to have it all is Veloforma Direct.  Welcome to our own unique online boutique service. We look forward to serving you.